23 June 2011 8:15 AM
GoodBye Dad~

♥ mrs ng ♥
Dad went to heaven on 22 June 2011 @ 1457. He left very peacefully.
Thanks Dad for loving us!
You will always be remembered.
Miss & Love you!

A wake will be held on 23-25June. (Thurs-Sat)
We will be sending him on 26June. (Sun).

Address: Blk 386 void deck Yishun Ring Road

I'm reachable at 9856-1370 / 90222001(Han Quan).

19 June 2011 10:31 PM
Maybe it's time!

♥ mrs ng ♥
Just want to take this time to update my dad's condition for those who are concern.
Thank you all who show their concern towards my dad and my family.
Dad was admitted to the hospital on 16 June 2011 10.38pm.
As usual he was back from work about 9plus. Then he told us that he was not feeling well after his dinner.His head was so heavy and like will explode anytime. So he confessed to my mum that he ate curry pork for dinner. Which he's not suppose to eat as he had high blood pressure(HBP).
after sometime he's still ok, about 10pm, his face turned very pale and his mouth was abit out of shape. His words were not clear either. After that we found that something was not right. Mum asked me to call my grandma down to see my dad. After that dad told us his medication had finished and he didn't eat his HBP medicine. Grandma said that his dinner had already cause his BP to shoot up. So grandma took her medicine and fed dad. He can't hardly open his mouth and also he got choked by the water while taking the medicine. At that time I was damn panic n was carrying Hebe too. Mum shouted and asked me to call the ambulance immediately. So looked for my hp n called 995.
After 15 mins, the civil defense came. 4 medical officer came up n did a check on dad first and asked us what happen.
One of the guy asked us what dad ate for dinner or did he fell or what.
Mum told him he ate curry pork, didn't fell or what. just now he's ok but after awhile he became like that.The guy was like so blur.. why curry pok can cause a HBP person to become like that. so mum explained to him it's curry Pork not pok (curry puff) LOL~ still can laugh at that time.
after that dad was sent to the nearest hospital KTPH. only me n mum followed him. Hebe was looked after by my grandma n sis. we took all the necessary docs n headed to the hospital. Reached the A&E, the nurse told us it will take about 1-2hours. so ask us to wait for their call. so we waited at the lounge. Hubby came down with my jacket n charger at 11plus. accompany me n mum. Three of us waited till 1.30am.
I went to the counter n asked the nurse what's my dad condition.
he did a check n told me that my dad had sent to ICU about 30mins ago. I was like wtf. why didn't they come n inform us or call us. so he apologize n gave me the direction which leads us to ICU.
lHeaded to ICU didn't get to see my dad as they said the dr is doing sone procedure for him. asked us to wait outside again.
waited for an hour, advise mum to go back n rest first as she look very exhausted.
So we sent her back home and when we reached home, the nurse called me n informed that we can get to see my dad after 1-2 hours. so we rested until 5am. hubby n me cab down n look at dad. dad is unable to breathe on his own n need the machine to support his breathing.
Brain is damaged by the stroke causing him to unable to respond /move or talk. He's unable to eat and walk.just like a vegetable.
According to the Dr, 60-80% he will go n will go anytime. Chances of recovery is very slim. So just asked us to be prepared. He will continue to stay in icu n they will observe him n see if there's any progress. So that is it..

30 March 2011 6:32 PM
Feeling the pain

♥ mrs ng ♥
Hey! I'm back to blog. I promised myself to blog more frequently now. Hopefully I will do it. lol

Tml will be my last day of work for this week.
Ya I'm going to extract out on Friday! OMG!! sound so painful, I getting more n more scare.

After which I will be given 1 week of mc to heal my swollen gum. Hopefully Im still able to eat.

My first wisdom tooth grew on the top which was like 2 years back. Now the tooth is growing on the bottom right. For the past 1 week my gums were so painful n I hardly sleep at night. All the while I thought I'm heaty so my gum swell. but I was wrong. it's the tooth which is causing the pain.

Hopefully it's not as painful..

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16 March 2011 6:27 PM

♥ mrs ng ♥
oh my!! my blog is so dead!!! lol

15 February 2011 8:22 AM
Messiest Baby Contest!!

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Please help to vote for Hebe Ng to win the Messiest Baby Contest.
Simply click n vote on this link.
We thank you for your vote.

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07 February 2011 10:24 PM
Happy  Year!!!

♥ mrs ng ♥

Hebe is here to say 恭喜发财!!
enjoy my lunar new year with my families as usual & plus this year our new member Hebe!!
She collected alot of angbao for herself & I also enjoy giving angbao lol.

29 January 2011 6:30 PM
Countdown to Hebe's 6th month!

♥ mrs ng ♥

Looking at the ticker at my blog.. hebe is turning 6 months in about 1 week time..
so fast!!
6 months old she can try alot of food n snacks le.. lol if not everytime drink milk also boring for her & mi.. haha

Progress for 5mth!
-able to flip on her tummy n flip back
-able to sit on her own for awhile
-drink fm 6oz every 3-4 hours
-start to eat porridge. a meal a day.
-love to watch Little einsteins
-love to shout & walk about in her walker
-very active in the night

alright that's all.. shall blog again when free. bye peeps!! some photos of her below.. enjoy!!

eating apple purée..

watching her lil Einsteins..
bye bye yiyi & uncles!!!

01 January 2011 1:44 PM
It's 2011

♥ mrs ng ♥

Hi there!!! It's a new year again!! woohoo!! time pass really fast!!

I can say 2010 had been a great year for mi..
1)had my customary in 24th Jan
2)knew that I'm preg in Jan
3)gave birth to my lil Hebe in Aug
4)knew alot of plurk babes in Aug
5)so many outing with the mummies...
and more...

Goodbye 2010 & Hi 2011!!
May 2011 be a great year for mi too!!!

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14 December 2010 12:10 AM
Hebe is 4 month 5 days old!!

♥ mrs ng ♥

my lil princess is 4 month plus already.. so fast!!
She's drinking 150ml 3-4 hrs
Shit every 2 days
Love to suck her hands until very wet!
No more night feeding sleep thruout the night
Love to scream now..
Will update more on Hebe! stay tune!!

14 November 2010 9:30 PM
Steamboat Session & Birthday Celebration for Yen Ping

♥ mrs ng ♥

let's me update on our fun gathering ystd.
ystd steamboat session was a success..
so many babes and babies turn up.
Mummies & babies who attended:
Esther's family
Teresa and Baodi
Ellie's Family
Eunice's family
Ranice & Dante
Jessie & Elton
Yenping's family
Elaine & Xi en
Mei Xuan & lil dino
Thanks for coming and also for the food.

Yesterday also celebrate our dear Yen ping bdae.
Esther bought a Triple choco cake from pine garden.
Yen ping was surprised when we brought out the cake to her.
really enjoyed!
hope to have more gathering...

Loves Han Quan & Baby Hebe ♥

Happily Married
♥ her 老公 & BB Hebe MSN:yun_gal2001@hotmail.com
FB: maxi_tan@hotmail.com



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